Be Beauty (Chocolate) N Liposoluble Wax -800ml

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Be Beauty Professional Cold wax,Chocolate,Natural LiposolubleWax, Size – 800ml

Natural Liposoluble wax
How To Use:
Heat the wax until obtaining a creamy amalgam. Check the wax temperature on the inside of the wrist. Take the wax with the wooden spatula and spread it in the direction of the fair growth in a thin and uniform layer. To facilitate removal, we recommend leaving a thicker edge at the end of the applied strip of wax. Let the wax cool and by gripping the edge, pull the strip with a quick tear in the opposite direction to the hair growth. Any residues of wax can be removed by dabbing with wax just used. After epilation apply a specific post-epilation product. Keep in a cool and dry place.
Do not use on irritated, wounded skin or in the presence if varicose veins. Keep out of reach of children.



Be Beauty