Guaning hyaluronic acid B5 facial essence 30 ml

5.750 KD



30 ml hyaluronic acid, serum acid, hyaluronic acid, skin, face, serum moisturizer, hyaluronic acid B5 facial essence.

Gently soothe skin, moisturize and nourish, establish skin care barrier, gently lock water, improve elasticity, and the formula is mild and stable.

About Facial Serum

: every drop of blood can smooth your face and strengthen your skin barrier. This product contains the most effective moisturizer to help replenish skin moisture, help dry and rough skin, restore skin vitality, moisturize, nourish and enhance skin, and strengthen skin at the same time.

Moisturize the skin anytime, anywhere, with high concentration of hyaluronic acid, effectively penetrate into the bottom of the skin, provide lasting water resources, soften and moisturize the skin, delicate pores, skin care products, and high concentration of hyaluronic acid.

[skin type]: suitable for various skin types

[Specification]: 30ml