12.000 KD



This vit c is from atar brand

thailand eating vit c, children can increase the resistance!!

  • Brand name: PATAR
  • Shelf life: 730 days
  • Brand: PATAR
  • Series: Victoria C Series
  • Origin: Thailand
  • Applicable gender: Universal
  • Shelf life: 24 months

Girls eat whitening freckle! It’s good for the skin, and the gums are not too good to eat. It’s also working  Thai Native Vitamin C chewing film, sour and sour sweet orange flavor, 1 cans of 1000 grains, don’t ask when you can eat, you will fall in love with him, the Thai people are eating, have Enhance Immunity; promote the formation of collagen, make skin smooth,

  • Production enterprises: Portarab (2517) Co., Ltd.
  • Product dosage form: granules
  • Specification (grain/bag/ml/g): 1000 tablets/can*2
  • Pricing unit: bottle
  • Usage: Adults 3-5 capsules twice a day; children under 2 years old, please consult your doctor
  • Applicable people: no limit
  • Eating tips: Do not swallow chewable tablets directly. Do not take VC tablets together with shrimps, crabs and other crustacean seafood.
  • Description of validity: within 730 days from the production date

whitening, resilient; have anti-oxidation, reduce toxins, reduce smoke, alcohol, drug side effects, environmental pollution to body damage, etc. And the human body can’t make vitamin C, it must be ingested every day from Vitamin C Foods to meet the body needs. Vitamin C can only stay for 4 hours in the human body, so it must be added at least twice a day, while a cigarette can damage 25 mg of Vitamin C, the long-term smoking needs to take vitamin C more. Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) Thailand’s homegrown vit c chewin