Aichun Beauty Snail Essence Eye Cream 15 ml

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Aichun Beauty Snail Essence Eye Cream Moisturizing Dark Circles Remove Eye Bags Drops Lifting Anti Wrinkle Anti Aging Skin Care

The description of eye cream: The moisturizes and repairs the damaged skin of the eyes, making your eye look brighter and more radiant in the crowd. Moisturizing, dark and smooth skin around the eyes. The cream has a smooth and soft texture, which is not only refreshing but also moisturizes the skin, replenishes moisture to the dry eyes skin.

This product is rich in proteins, which is effective for the skin and beauty to create the effect of deep moisturizing and nourishing eye skin. Snail is a plant that cares the damaged skin of the eye, so as to achieve a moisturizing effect. Gentle moisturizes and soothes the skin around the eyes, making you look younger and more energetic. High quality antiaging moisturizer cream.

That is infused with abundant collagen. Collagen beauty cream supplies elasticity to the skin which aids in firm. Rich in moisturizing ingredients, deeply nourishing the eye skin and not hurting the delicate skin. It is lighten dark circles, brightens the complexion, shapes the face. Highquality moisturizing ingredients can deeply moisturize the skin, improve dullness of the skin and repair damaged skin. Remove dark circles, wake up collagen spots. Contains snail mucus extract and lavender extracts to improve damaged skin, bags and dark circles. It can effectively moisturize the skin and repair damaged skin barrier of the epidermis. The antiaging effect does not damage the delicate skin.

Improve skin wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes. Improve skin texture and make your eyes look more energetic. The combination of hydrophilic and collagen care formula, lifting and firming the eye skin and making the damaged skin tender.




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