Beauche Gluta Soap, 150g

2.500 KD

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Say goodbye to uneven skin tone and dark spots and hello to fresh, glowing and radiant skin with Beauche Gluta Soap.

#BeaucheGlutaSoap is formulated to answer the demands of the Filipino people! A powerful and practical skin lightening which:
eliminates dead skin cells with the aid of pure glutathione.
lightens dark spots, blemishes
evens out skin tone.
has songyi mushroom extract that promotes new cell growth and helps rejuvenate your skin without side effect.

How to Use:
1. Lather soap and apply to face and body.
2. Leave the soap for up to 1 minute.

After several uses, it will soften your skin which results into a clearer and brighter skin tone.

For faster results, use in conjuction with Beaucke Skin Lightening Lotion.