Elina Black Seed Oil For Dandruff And Hair fall Problem (100ml)

3.750 KD



Elina Black Seed Oil is 100% pure oil is extracted from natural herb called Nigella Sativa popularly known as kalongi or black seed with cold pressed method which hydrates hair &soften skin. It is also called Habbatus Sauda Oil in Arabic.

It. Wondrous Herb that has been used for centuries throughout the world for its many therapeutic properties.

Elina Black Seed Oil is 100% pure oil extracted from a natural herb called nigella sativa popularly known as kalonji or black seed with the cold-pressed method, also known as the habbatus sauda oil in Arabic. This oil helps control dandruff and reduce hairfall. It also helps to stimulate hair growth and promote healthy, silky and shiny-looking hair.


  • 100% black seed oil to control dandruff and reduce hair fall
  • Made from pure oil extracted from black seed with the cold-pressed method
  • Acts as hair cleansing agent and removes scalp infections
  • Stimulates hair growth and makes hair silky, shiny, and smooth
  • Also acts as an anti-stress agent