Genive Hair Tonic 120 ml

10.000 KD

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Hair tonic, Prevent hair loss, Anti dandruff, Hair care, Hair growth, Hair serum

The structure of tonic include: extracts of aloe vera and sweet white lupine oil, chamomile and other natural ingredients. This drug stimulates hair restoration, significantly reduces hair loss, strengthens hair roots and protects the scalp from dandruff and fungus. The drug accelerates the growth of new hair, strengthens the hair shaft, making hair stronger and more resistant to thinning.

As well nourishes the hair tonic, makes them healthy. Stimulates cell metabolism in the roots of the hair and the production of keratin, which provides faster hair growth and density. Regular use of tonic moisturizes the scalp, it decreases its irritation.

The drug is very effective and is used in hospitals in Thailand to treat baldness.


Wash and dry your hair, apply a tonic to the scalp and massage for 5 minutes. Do not rinse off.

Use twice daily, morning and evening. The course of treatment for at least 2 months, but the maximum effect is achieved when used within 4-5 months.

Size: 120ml