Gluta Lipo Gold Series Signature Fiber Coffee – 10 Sachets

5.500 KD



  • 12 in 1 Gluta Lipo Slimming and Whitening has proven its effect as slimming, whitening and glowing of skin
  • It can also reduce bad cholesterol and decrease sugar level
  • With the help of its 12 in 1 natural and safe ingredients it improves the life of any human wishing to be more slim and with whitened skin
  • Gluta Lipo is a proudly Philippine-made, FDA-approved, flavored drink that helps you get slimmer, whiter, and detoxified. 1 box contains 10 sachets (20g) good for around 15 cups of healthy goodness.
  • Gluta Lipo is specially formulated with 12 active ingredients that have health benefits such as Garcinia cambogia, Glutathione, L-Carnitine, green tea, collagen, grape seed extract, mangosteen, goji berry, barley grass, malunggay, ampalaya, and lemon or coffee. The benefits of the product include weight loss, fairer skin, colon cancer prevention, cleansing, and detoxification.
  • It also has a detox effect which other coffee products do not have. It cleanses the toxins from the colon. It also increases metabolism. It uses stevia, instead of refined table sugar, to make sure that the taste is delicious and healthy.


    • Gluta Lipo Fiber Coffee Drink is an extremely flavorful drink that contains stevia, a natural sweetening plan-based extract that is more healthier than refined sugar.  It subsequently contributes to a lesser calorie intake from the drink.
    • It is proudly Philippine-made with all-natural, safe, and effective local and imported ingredients under The Gluta Lipo Gold Series brand.
    • It detoxifies and cleanses the body especially the colon or big intestine and removes unnecessary waste and toxins leading to a smaller and more toned tummy.
    • It contains 12 natural, effective, safe, and side effects free main ingredients which are very valuable for slimming, whitening, and glowing of skin plus antioxidant health benefits to prevent diseases such as cancer and delay signs of aging.
    • Gluta Lipo contains Garcinia Cambogia combined with L-Carnitine for effective and efficient way of fat burning. Plus Glutathione and Collagen for a healthy glowing white firm skin!
    • Gluta Lipo also contains natural ingredients such as Lemon, Green Tea, Ampalaya, Malunggay, Barley Grass, Grapeseed Extract, Mangosteen and Goji Berry for a healthier body.
    • Gluta Lipo is a very delicious drink that can provide you with a natural and convenient way to remove body toxins and give you a glowing white skin through the powerful combination of garcinia cambogia, L-carnitine, glutathione and collagen.


Gluta Lipo