Habibi Skin Glowing Facial Set

6.500 KD



Product details of Glowing Facial Set 5n1 by Habibi Skin Essentials

Habibi Skin Essentials Glowing Set is good for all skin type even for everyday use because it is mild, with only micro peeling effects. It contains Hyalurunic serum that retain moisture and reduce fine lines, Vitamin C, aloe extract and Alpha Arbutin that will help your skin looks young healthy and supple. Achieve youthful glow with Habibi Skin Glowing Facial Set, it is good for long term use and maintinance.

5 Components 1. Facial soap( Habibi Babad Soap) -Cleanses and whitened skintone 2. Toner –infuses skin with nutrients, balances pH, brightens tone, minimizes 3. Hyalurunic Serum – Reducing the appearance of wrinkles and age lines 4. Day Cream spf30 -Moisturize youg skin while Protecting it against harmful UV rays 5. Night cream – Moisturize skin