HOUMAI Whitening and Freckle Removing Cream 20g

3.250 KD

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Get rid of fine lines, dark spots, freckles instantly! Have a bright and shiny skin with the all-new Invisible Blemish Cream! Formulated to deliver a blemish-free skin, which uses ingredients with the highest quality that makes the skin extremely soft and clear. Effective against acne, freckles, & skin redness! Have a flawless, younger-looking, and whiten skin all-day-long!

FEATURES【Removes Blemishes and scar marks】 Rapidly banish visible blemishes, discoloration, and surface scars without irritating or drying your skin. The formula penetrates the skin, going straight to the source to eliminate trapped bacteria, dirt, and oil, delivering natural skin-repairing ingredients and intense hydration where needed most for blemish control.【Deeply Repair Skin Cells】 Get down to the epidermis, dermis, and basal layer to repair skin cells at all levels.【Whitens & Tone Skin】 Rich in natural Vitamin E, Allantoin that can lessen the melanin in the skin, and create a white and clear skin!【Hydrates & Moisturize Skin 】 The perfect blend of natural ingredients to clear visible blemishes, hydrate & moisturize skin. It effectively strengthens your skin’s natural protective barrier, reducing the occurrence of future breakouts!【Natural & Safe】 Formulated only with the highest quality, natural and organic ingredients that make it safe on the skin