IKT Hair Wax stick 75 gm

2.250 KD

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IKT Hair Wax stick,Wax Stick for Hair Slick Stick, No spices,Easy to Absorb 

  • This brand of hair wax stick have pure plant ingredients, Animal cruelty free products/not tested on Animals, no Spices, no irritants, no hair, no scalp, pregnant women and children can use,
  • Easy to use, just push up the hair wax stick like a putter then use. Small, portable, easy to use anytime, anywhere.
  • Keep your hair smooth and not crusty like gel or hairspray. It makes hair soft, easy to use, and suitable for use when traveling.
  • Quickly brush loose hair.
  • higher cost performance, better for edge control of the coarse hair and wig