kiss Beauty Original donkey milk cream 55 gm

2.750 KD



This extremely popular cream has gained a lot of popularity among users due to its anti-wrinkle properties. kiss Beauty goat milk cream has many features.

This cream is suitable for whitening and brightening the skin.

This product is used to remove skin spots and even acne and pimples.

The main composition of this cream, as the name suggests, is fresh goat’s milk. Goat milk has many benefits for the skin. Among its benefits, we can mention its moisturizing properties. Therefore, goat’s milk cream is very useful for having bright and healthy skin. kiss Beauty goat’s milk cream is completely made from fresh goat’s milk and does not cause any side effects or skin sensitivity.

A super oil controller for the face

Has moisturizing properties

Anti-dry skin and suitable for removing skin wrinkles

The ability to close open pores

Has face brightening properties

It has skin rejuvenating properties