5.500 KD



MAX Curve Coffee new package contains the better-quality ingredients than the original. It’s sugar free and provides high fiber.

The ingredients are well-selected and valuable for women and men who love the health. The ingredients will help accelerate fat burning, firm up the body, reduce appetite, accelerate metabolism, and trap starch. The coffee lovers should not miss it!

Let’s take care of the health together, whether weight loss and skin improvement. It’s easy to drink with sweet aroma and a delicious taste for a slender body.

It answers all your problems within one.

  • Reduces appetite and accelerates metabolism
  • Helps firm up the body
  • Helps lose weight for a slender and beautiful body as desire
  • Contains key ingredients to help lose weight more than other brands in the market, resulting in the better weight loss
  • Helps nourish skin to be radiant
  • Reduces melasmas, freckles and dark spots
  • Helps firm up the breast and tighten vagina
  • Total 15 pcs
  • net weight 150g

How to prepare

  • Every night for 5 minutes before meals, mix with 5ml hot water