Navarro’s Bleach Dual Set (Bleaching soap, Bleaching Lotion)

9.500 KD

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Navarro’s Dual Bleaching SetBleaching Soap + Intensive Lotion 100ml**7DAYS CHALLENGE. Try this trending NAVARRO’s BLEACH! 7days

The best and most safe /effective bleaching is here! Problem no more ….

*12 Benefits of NAVARRO’s BLEACH*

👊Removes Acne/pimples

👊Removes Pekas

👊Whitens Dark Skin

👊Whitens Bikini Lines

👊Fades Stretchmarks

👊Fades Old Scars

👊Instant whitening

👊Prevent Body odor

👊Under-arms whitening

👊Mosquitoes/insect bites

👊Removes Whiteheads/blackheads

The Navarro’s Bleaching Cream Premix 1000ml

Whiten Skin
Fade Stretchmarks
Whiten Siko, tuhod, Nape
Prevent Body Odor
Lighten Scars or Peklat mula Pagkabata
Fade Pimples, Acne , whiteheads and Blackheads
Whiten bikini line
Whiten Skin Discoloration