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NEON Whitening Soap X10 Plus

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❗️New ❗️Neon gluta soap, brightens skin.

Helps to accelerate the exfoliation of skin cells that have fallen faster.

Adjust the color of the skin regularly, reduce freckles, dark spots, control the oil that causes acne. Suitable for those who want to have white skin Glowing and radiant With free ant mutagenic agents effectively Rich in vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to the skin without chemicals.✨✨✨ The results of the use of soap Neon gluta whitening 100% white skin.

– Helps to brighten the skin to look white, healthy 90%

– Helps wrinkles become shallow. While lifting skin 85% – Helps the skin look smooth, smooth, pleasant to the touch, 98% – Reduce wrinkles and dark spots

– Prevents acne and hyperpigmentation – Protect the face from independent aerodynamics How to use – for face Bleach the soap to make bubbles. Then wash as usual

– For body skin The most effective bleaching. Super white. Wash with jelly soap. 100% white skin bleaching nozzle, leave for 3 minutes Then rinse thoroughly Take your cheap hand gently and the black scurf will come off. Including skin cells that have been collected for a long time People with stomach scars, stretch marks, freckles and elbows on the sides Will gradually fade away The first touch that feels clear, clear, smooth skin Helps to keep skin color consistent as well Size 100 grams.