Nitro Canada Hair Care Ampoule

6.500 KD

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Nitro Canada Hair Care Ampoule With Keratin Extract 10ml 12 Ampoules Box

  • Nitro Keratin Extract Canada Hair Care Ampoule helps hair strengthening cosmetic formula that puts together the best ingredients for controlling hair loss and fortifying skin and scalp.
  • They work best with heat to rebuild and repair the most damaged parts of the hair fiber.
  • This treatment also improves the hair texture for an extra smooth and silk finish.

Nourish, revitalize and straighten your hair Rebuild, restore and rejuvenate hair and scalp conditions

If your hair is already falling and losing its density, it is good to start a supporting treatment before the entire loss settles in

This keratin-based treatment can help stimulate regrowth and nourishes your hair during the period to maintain your hair looking healthy and revitalized