Pekas Eraser Cream Anti Acne Whitening cream

3.500 KD



Pekas Eraser Cream Anti Acne Whitening Anti Aging Anti Pimple Removes Melasma Dark spots

Pekas Eraser Cream by Capadosa Beauty Products is an effective product for melasma, freckles, dark spots and anti-aging.

Contains lemon juice extract that promotes a healthy and glowing skin. It is also effective in preventing acne breakouts! This is a whitening and exfoliating cream.  In just 2-7 days, you will see and feel the effect of Pekas Eraser.

How to use:

*Perform a skin patch test before using the product

*Apply at night time or before bed time

1. Cleanse your face with your regular soap

2. Use your usual toner (optional)

3. Apply ample amount of Pekas Eraser cream on your skin, specially targeting the areas of concern and let it dry

4. After 30 minutes, apply another layer of Pekas Eraser cream and let it dry

5. Exfoliating may start after 2-5 days. Do not peel forcefully