Perfect Beauty, Niacinamide Collagen, Body Scrub, 350g

4.000 KD

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Introducing Niacinamide Plus – a skincare revelation formulated in Korea and meticulously manufactured in Thailand, holding the prestigious approval of both the FDA in Thailand and the FDA in the Philippines. Elevate your skincare routine with a serum that embodies quality without the hefty price tag – because, as we believe, true quality should not come at a premium.

– This concentrated Clarifying, Anti-Blemish Serum packs a powerful punch with a remarkable 10% Niacinamide, offering a targeted solution to reduce the appearance of skin blemishes. Say goodbye to pesky pimples as you embrace the transformative effects of this potent formula.

– Wake up to blemish-free and smooth skin, thanks to the inclusion of LICORICE in our formula. Renowned for its brightening and anti-pigmentation properties, licorice becomes your ally against dull, tanned, and patchy skin. The glabridin in licorice acts as a pigmentation inhibitor, lightening dark patches and bestowing your skin with a radiant, even tone.

– Formulated with sensitive skin in mind, our serum is consciously crafted without harmful additives. Niacinamide Plus proudly declares its commitment to clean beauty by being Silicone

-Free, Paraben-

Free, Alcohol-

Free, Petroleum

-and Mineral-Free.

Your skin deserves the best, and our serum ensures a nourishing and effective experience without compromise.