Romantic Dream Life Perfect Smart Love Women Gel

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Romantic Dream Life Perfect 3 in 1 Smart Love Women Gel 50ML · A rich formula mixture of herbal extracts · Clean vaginal secretions · Tightens the vaginal muscle …

ROMANTIC Dream Life Perfect WOMEN Sex GEL 3 in 1 Gel Virginity Tightening Anti Bacterial (50ml)


• Tightening the muscles of the vagina
• Bacteria free
• Free from other infections itching
• like a Virgin
• No side effects 100% results
Apply the virginity drops on the intimate parts with the help of a soft cotton around 5-10 minutes before the most intimate moments and you will feel the difference.

RD091 Perfect Smart Love Woman Gel
3 in 1 Gel
A rich formula mixture of herbal and natural extracts which enriched various vitamins
blended and herbal extracts are an effective product used to clean vaginal secretions for maintaining
good sanitation and provides satisfaction for women.

It consists of natural ingredients suitable for sensitive areas enriched with herbal extracts for cleansing the most sensitive area of women without leaving any residue.
Protect irritations and bacterial infections that cause inflammation and unpleasant
odor. Its also tightens the virginal muscle.
Direction: Clean your sensitive area with water and apply this gel inside

. Use twice daily, morning
and night time for fresh and clean.
Ingredients: Lidocaine max.10%,
aqua, glycerin, gelling agents,
parfum, preservation agent
Made in Thailand
For External Use Only
Manufactured and Distributed by
Best Prestige Cosmetic