skin lady Vitamin E Whitening Collagen Lotion 500ml

5.500 KD



Perfect Skin Lady Vitamin E Whitening Collagen Lotion 500ml. Vitamin E Collagen lotion for skin whitening formula, concentrated X10 times.

Vitamin E lotion Suitable for all skin types, enriching AHA, Alpha Arbutin X10 and Collagen, Vitamin C Which is the part that Helps to repair broken skin that is lacking Nourishing to be healthier, whitening makes the skin smooth.

Tighten skin, wrinkles, add moisture with Moisturizer to make the skin Smooth, smooth, tense, pleasant to the touch Sparkling aura adjusted to White skin does not return to become dark again.

With high sun protection substances SPF60 PA +++ for bright and clear skin New skin obtained from nourishment Net volume 500 ml. How to use: Apply lotion on the arms, neck and body. Nourishing for good results Should be used daily Morning-evening without rinsing