ST. Dalfour Glutat SUNSCREEN Sunblock cream SPF90

2.500 KD

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ST. Dalfour Beauty Glutathione Whitening Sunblock cream SPF90

– 1.5oz (50g)
– To meet with FDA regulations, SPF90 Cream is labeled as SPF50+.
– Effective Glutathione Skin Whitening
– The Ideal Foundation
– Provides UVA and UVB protection to the skin
– Assists in skin lightening and softening
– Chemical-free, healthy, and natural
– Unlike any other sunscreen on the market
– For both the face and the body
– Moisturizes and protects the skin

ST. Dalfour

is widely regarded as the best skin whitening and lightening product available. It can be used to treat almost any type of skin discoloration.

SPF90 Sun Block will protect your skin from harm, age spots will fade, and your skin will appear healthy and youthful. The skin-lightening products from Dalfour Beauty do not include hydroquinone or mercury.

ST. Dalfour

products are botanically based, safe, natural, and mild, with a focus on blemishes and freckles. Its innovative non-greasy composition helps to protect and prevent spots by keeping the skin clear, moisturized, and silky.

The sun’s and wind’s action can cause freckles to grow.

ST. Dalfour

Cream is made up of carefully blended ingredients that assist to remove freckles from the skin.

This product may not be appropriate for persons who have acne-prone skin. Mineral oil is present in this product, which might cause acne breakouts in certain people. If pimples or breakouts appear, stop using it.

How To Use

Apply to the face and other areas exposed to sun. Make sure to perform a preliminary skin test before applying to the whole face.