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Stresstabs 600 + ZINC VITAMIN 30 Tablets

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Stresstabs 600 + ZINC VITAMIN + MINERALS High Potency Stress Formula 30 Tablets

Stresstabs 600 + ZINC VITAMIN & MINERALS High-Potency Stress Formula 30 Tablets

Description :
Stress and vitamins
It’s a fact that during periods of physical stress your body uses up more vitamins than normal. That’s why a good diet is so important. STRESSTABS 600+ZINC high potency stress formula vitamins can help to back up your diet because it concentrates on the B-complex and C vitamins your body can’t store.

Now biotin makes STRESSTABS 600+ZINC more complete
New data confirms that biotin is one of many water soluble vitamins that stress can rob. Essential in the conversation of carbohydrates to energy, biotin also plays a large role in the synthesis of fats and in protein metabolism for the building of healthy tissue. Today you’ll find the essential extra in all three STRESSTABS high potency formulas.


How to use :
        1 tablet daily after breakfast.