Sutla Virginity Soap

3.750 KD

  • Natural herbal soap
  • Feminine soap
  • Neutralizes germs that causes unpleasant odors and itchiness in the vaginal area
  • Cooling effect that keeps you feeling fresh all day
  • Excellent tightening effect


SUTLA virginity soap A holistic soap that promotes feminine hygiene and wellness. This contains active ingredients which exudes hygienic cooling and fresh properties. It helps prevent foul odors, infection , itching , burning, sweat and all other related issues in vaginal area. It helps promote a tightening and cooling effect of the labial area. It is ideal for most skin types due to efficient, quality, safe and mildly scented ingredients. Achieve a healthier and fresher experience. – feel the difference

A herbal soap known as the Sutla Virginity Soap has been manufactured by Sutla, the popular brand in herbal products. The soap helps in maintaining vaginal hygiene by washing away all the germs and preventing bacterial growth in the region.

It also has a cooling and refreshing effect, thereby helping a woman to feel fresh and virgin- and hence the name!!

❤It is made of natural, herbal ingredients and is thus 💯safe. There are many herbal products with extracts of herbs, but they fail to retain the properties of the herbs intact. Sutla is different.

❤It uses a cold manufacturing process to preserve the benefits of herbal extracts.

❤It is approved by FDA and comes with a Halal seal

. ❤prevents hemorrhoids by tightening the skin. Hemorrhoids are bumps coming up in the vaginal area and causing prickly pain. Using the Sutla Virginity soap prevents the formation of hemorrhoids by tightening the skin. ❤The soap washes off the vagina better than any other feminine wash,cleanses away all the germs and bacteria present in the area.

❤It adds a feel-good factor with its cooling effect and sweet flower-like smell. ❤It prevents redness and itching in the vaginal area. ❤Unlike the other feminine wash soaps, it does not contain any mercury. ❤it does not contain any animal fat either. ❤no hydroquinone is contained in the soap. ❤Women can use it irrespective of their ages and skin types