Top-gel MCA Extra Pearl Cream 10g

1.500 KD



Make your skin attractive and beautiful. Removes blackheads, pimples, ephebic, fine lines, sunburns, pores and wrinkles. True lovers of beauty desire eternal youth.

Taking care of your skin is certainly an important element of this desire. When using the cream it is best to avoid ultra violet rays to maximize results. Apply daily.

Please make sure your face is clean before applying the product. Top gel mca extra Pearl cream is specially formulated using proven active ingredients that help negate Environmental factors which influence skin aging Such as sun, smog, dehydration and the passage of Time by improving the skins ability to retain moisture and defend free radical damage. Furthermore, it could make your skin more elastic and firm, white and smooth and more than bilocate than before. For optimum skin protection, use this light, naturally extra pearl cream daily before going to bed and in the morning before wearing make- up. Heavier rubbing is necessary on affected areas like pimples and dark spots.


ln the morning, clean your face then apply the cream and massage for 2 minutes. Apply before wearing make- up. At night before going to bed, apply once using the same proess as you did in the morning. #topgelcream #skincare #authenticiy