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Vitamin E Peach Capsule by precious skin thailand

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Vitamin E Peach Capsule by Precious Skin Thailand🇹🇭

New Product Alert 60 softgel capsules per pack

Vitamin e/c Peach ceramide Collagen L-gluthathione

Brightening, Anti-aging & Moisturizing Body Soap!

-Clean your skin thoroughly, while also nourishing the skin with the value of VITAMIN E -Helps to exfoliate dead skin cells.

-Helps the skin look radiant, soft & smooth.

-Coconut oil is high in Vitamin E -Stimulates the creation of collagen under your skin.

-Improves your skin elasticity

-Moisturizing, helps prevent premature aging

-Reveals new skin to look brighter & glowing -Maintains skin to be smooth and clear

-Evens skin tone throughout the body -Concentrated Vitamin E neutralizes free radicals which cause of skin cells deterioration.



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