Yinikiz Nail Oil Nail Liquid Repair Treatment 10ML

2.500 KD

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Yinikiz Nail Restoration Treatment’s powerful and natural formula contains Moroccan Argan oil (often referred to as ‘liquid gold’), Tea Tree oil, Clove and Rosemary oil.

With a low PH level, It does not only keep your nails strong, smooth and attractive, but also helps fight fungus and eczema and keeps your cuticles healthy.


For strong, smooth, healthy-looking nails. Prevents nails from chipping and breaking;

Helps fight fungus and eczema;

Apply to your finger and toenails and cuticles;

Apply three times a day for best results;

Apply to clean and gently buffed nails.


Water, gentian root extract, Purslane, Tougucao, wormwood, boric acid.


step1: Use the wipe to clean the nail surface

step2: Apply about 3-5 drops on nail affected area

step3: Massage it and allow 5-10 minutes to dry completely

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