Zandu Pain Relief Balm 25 ml

1.500 KD



Key Highlights

  • Zandu balm is a 100% natural and Ayurvedic pain-relieving agent.
  • It is meant for topical application.
  • Zandu balm contains extracts of powerful plants that can target and cure headaches, muscle pain, backache, and discomfort caused by the common cold.
  • It can be used by both adults and children (in moderation and under supervision).
  • Its non-greasy formula causes a gentle cooling effect and is fast-acting.
  • No prescription is required to purchase Zandu balm.


Zandu Pain Relief Balm is one of the most popular and widely used pain relief gels in India, having a legacy of over a century. It is an expert solution for different kinds of pain including headaches, muscle pain, backache and body pains. It also works on a variety of injuries like muscle sprain, stress fractures and cold-related discomforts. It is widely regarded as India’s number 1 pain relief balm with its mixture of useful ayurvedic ingredients that also work organically and reduce any chances of side effects. Menthol present in the Zandu Pain Relief Balm provides a cooling effect that distracts the user from the pain while Gaultheria oil acts as a counter-irritant to relieve muscle pain.

Uses & Benefits

  • An ideal solution for pains of all kinds including pain in the back, muscle, body or headaches.
  • Extracted from pure 100% natural ayurvedic ingredients, it is non-greasy and gets absorbed quickly to provide long-lasting effects.
  • Its analgesic properties work instantaneously on the affected areas and provide relief from pain.
  • Ayurvedic ingredients present in Zandu Pain Relief Balm like extracts of Mentha (menthol plant) & eucalyptus help treat different kinds of topical pains.
  • Zandu Pain relief balm is used for relieving certain symptoms of cough and cold
  • Presence of powerful essential oils and menthol, ajwain & eucalyptus work to provide quick relief from headaches and backaches.


  • Menthol: 20%- Has antimicrobial properties that can help when you’re down with a common cold of the flu.
  • Oil Of Gaultheria: 25%- Gaultheria or Wintergreen is one of the very few plants in the world that contains methyl salicylate which is a very effective pain-reliever.
  • Cajuput Oil: 5%- This oil has antiseptic and analgesic properties which can be very handy when you have caught a cold.
  • Clove Oil: 5%- Clove oil also relieves pain and is particularly beneficial in helping with easing respiratory distress.
  • Capsaicin Extract: 0.02- This is another anti-inflammatory agent which can reduce pain and swelling.

How to Use

  • Apply it on the affected parts and massage gently.
  • Wash the hands after the application.

Safety Information

  • Keep it out of direct sunlight or extremely cold temperatures.
  • For external use only. Not to be put in eyes, ears or mouth.
  • Keep it out of the reach of children.

Storage Information

  • Tightly seal the container after usage.
  • Keep it in a cool dry place.


Q1. Are there side effects of using Zandu Pain relief Balm?

Ans: Some side effects of Zandu balm may occur. These include redness and itching on the skin, stinging and difficulty in breathing.

Q2. Can I apply Zandu Pain relief Balm for pimples?

Ans: No, it is strongly discouraged to use the balm for any purpose other than the ones prescribed.

Q3. Is Zandu pain relief balm addictive?

Ans: No, it shows no such tendencies.

Q4: What is Zandu Balm used for?

Ans: Zandu balm can address different kinds of body pain, from headache, back pain, joint ache to pain originating from sprains and other injuries.

Q5: How do I store Zandu Balm?

Ans: Simply store your Zandu balm in a cool and dry place. Exposing it to too much heat or cold could make the ingredients less effective.

Q6: Is Zandu balm used for muscle pain?

Ans: Yes, Zandu balm can alleviate muscle pain. It contains extracts from menthol and eucalyptus that have anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties.

Q7: Can Zandu Balm cure colds?

Ans: There is no cure for the common cold, it goes away on its own in 7-10 days. But Zandu balm can relieve the discomfort that cold triggers. You can massage it onto your chest, forehead or back to deal with cold-related pain. You may add a pinch of Zandu balm to boiling water and breathe in the steam for a quick remedy to sinus pain.

Q8: Is Zandu Balm a pain killer?

Ans: Yes, Zandu balm is a highly effective pain reliever because it is made with Ayurvedic plants that are specifically known for targeting pain and easing inflammation. Components like extracts of menthol, clove and cajuput yield instant results on topical application.