21st Century Slimming Tea, Cran Raspberry

6.000 KD



  • Free diet plan included
  • 100% Natural blend of traditional herbs to increase metabolic activity
  • Pack of 2
  • Drink anytime – Hot or cold & SEE results
  • Description:


    • 100% Natural Blend of Traditional Herbs to Increase metabolic Activity & Cleanse the System.

    21st Century’s Herbal Slimming Tea is a blend of 100% natural herbs which provides a light, delicious caffeine free beverage that helps achieve results in aiding digestion and contribution to weight loss. This all natural herbal tea offers a rich, satisfying taste in hot or iced tea and provides slimming and digestive benefits that may be enjoyed after every meal.

    21st Century’s Herbal Slimming Tea combines herbs to promote a “thermogenic” reaction which increases metabolic activity. The result is the elimination of storage of excess calories and toxins.

  • Suggested Use:

    Begin drinking at half strength by diluting with water and reducing the steeping time. Gradually increase the tea strength as your digestive system adjusts. Steep one tea bag in a cup of boiling water for 2-5 minutes to desired strength and taste. Drink 15 minutes before or during meals. If desired, add sugar or sweetener to taste. Do not exceed recommended usage.

    Supplement Facts
    Serving Size: 1 Cup

    Amount Per Serving As Prepared

    % DV



    Calories from Fat


    Total Fat

    less than 1 g


    Total Carbohydrates

    less than 1 g



    0 mg



    less than 1 g


    Not a significant source of Saturated Fats, Cholesterol, Dietary Fiber, Sugars, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium and Iron
    Percent Daily Value (DV).

    Other Ingredients:

    Senna leaves, peppermint leaves, malve leaves, panax ginseng root, licorice root.


    Notice: This product contains Senna leaves. Read and follow directions carefully. Do not use if you have or develop diarrhea, loose stools, or abdominal pain. Consult your physician if you have frequent diarrhea. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this produc



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