24K Goldzan Ampoule Serum

6.750 KD



The product is very effective in treating skin aging including wrinkle and sagging skin by combining 24K pure gold (99.9%) which is especially effective for anti-aging with 7 kinds of the peptide. Especially, containing much content of pure gold even visible to the eye, the ampoule treats the skin with the ionic activity and antitoxic component of the gold.

The 24K Goldzen helps prevents breakouts and hydrated your skin to prevent water loss through the outer layer to leave your skin firm, clear and hydrated. 24K Goldzen Ampoule is filled with concentrated doses of active ingredients that mitigate against a number of skin issues and reverses aging by targeting specific problems


  • Helps Whiten Skin
  • Helps improve Skin wrinkles
  • Helps naturally removed dead skin
  • Recovery damaged skin dark spots and skin blemishes.
  • increase the skin moisture level
  • keep hydration Restores skin elasticity
  • Rebuild skin cells
  • Anti-Aging
  • Suitable for all skin types


Apply1-2 drops over the entire face with clean hands. Gently a min massaging for better absorption.

made in Korea