8888 Total Double Vegetable Fruit Whitening Soap 80 gm

2.500 KD

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  • Clear the skin problem
    🔸Prevent dull skin problem
    🔸Remove stretch marks and scar
  • Vit C, E, A combination of fruit whitening soap.
  • Reveal new skin naturally radiant.
  • With fruit extracts including AHA and Collagen make the skin bright and clear.
  • Evens the skin tone and also makes the skin deeply clean.
  • From the face to the feet to the groin, this combo product will whiten you.
  • And we are not talking about temporary fake instant white. 888 product gives, assure and guaranteed real and permanent result.
  • Achieve your HEALTHY GLOWING WHITE SKIN on Amazon Herbal


8888 Total Double