AICHUN BEAUTY Beard Hair Growth Oil 30 ml

2.500 KD



AICHUN BEAUTY Beard Oil Mustache Hair Growth Pure Natural Nutrients Skin Cleansing Vitamins Grapefruit Seed Oil Ginger Andrea Hair Growth 30ml

About the product: Before absence of hair. After acceleration of hair growth. A beard begins to grow! The appearance of man changes to better Increases self-confidence. Grapefruit seed oil. Ginger oil.

North American plant extracts. Vitamins. Rosemary leaf oil. 4 steps for better hair growth: The awakening of the hair.

1. Activation of the hair follicles. Restores and activates the hair follicles.

2. Restores damaged follicles. Nourishing ingredients restore hair follicles to a healthy state.

3. Protection of hair follicles. Formation of a healthy environment for hair growth.

4. Recent scientific studies. The ingredients of the product are fully matched to the latest scientific research. Method of use: Cleansing. First of all, you need to cleanse your face skin, better use the product in the morning after sleep.

Application. Apply desired amount of product on areas of the face where you desire to grow hair. Massage. Massage the skin until completely absorbed, this will improve the effect of the product. Show your masculinity! Man’s power. It’s time to make your appearance manly and sexy. Our product will help you.

The active ingredients are quickly absorbed into the skin and nourish the skin! Activation of the hair follicles. Effective ingredients activate dormant hair follicles, stimulate their activity. Balance hormones. Balances ratio of male and female hormones, promotes hair growth. Charm. Mustache, sideburns, chest hair makes a man more attractive.



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