Collagen Deep Cleansing Snail Face Serum

3.500 KD



  • Protects sensitive skin and strengthens skin protection screen.
  • Because the ability of the stratum corneum to maintain moisture is reduced, the sebum film on the surface of the skin is incompletely formed.
  • The damaged skin needs a lot of water to be replenished.
  • The snail solution is providing a lot of moisture to the skin and increasing the skin’s water barrier.
  • The ability to regenerate your skin with plenty of moisture.
  • Hydrating , activating nourishing , moisturizing , repairing , shrink pores , oil-control, anti aging , anti wrinkle ,whitening Add moisture to nourish the skin, smooth evenly moist and transparent to show beautiful skin Also helps:Acne,Dark Circles,Wrinkles,Puffiness,Clearing impurities,Skin problems,Scars,Moisturising It is especially helpful to dry skin and makes it healthy and resilient skin. Snail Concentrate Face Lift Vitamin Serum Hyaluronic Liquid Moisturizing Anti Wrinkle …Thank you for choosing to shop with TBN Ventures!

[How to use]

1. Cleanse the face, apply Hyaluronic Acid Serum liquid.

2. Reapply it to the positions exposed to fine lines.

3. Gently apply from the bottom up, and inside to outside with finger pulps.

4. Gently massage the face with the palm for a better absorption.

[Net weight]