Aichun Beauty Feet Moisturizing Whitening Cream

2.500 KD

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Skin Type:

Suitable for various skin types.


It contains rich nutrition with double care effects of mint and horse oil. The moisturizing cream with fresh

scent has multiple effects of repairing, cleaning, relieving and protecting skin. It can help prevent various

foot health issues from occuring and keep the feet looking and feeling healthy.


1. Before using it, use warm water to soak any proposed part for 30 mins, clean and wipe the part and keep it dry.

2. Apply the product on the part; keep massaging around the part until the product is adsorbed.

3. Use the product twice a day.


1. If you feel any uncomfortable please stop using the product immediately.

2 . The product is for extremely use only and for foot care only.

3 . Please Keep out of children.



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