APGAR Jian Qiao Yan Xing Heal Pain Spray 30g

2.750 KD

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Product Name: APGAR Jian Qiao Yan Xing Heal Pain Spray Net: 30g 

Benefits: Lumbar spine, knee, wrist, back pain. Usage: For physical cold compress for pain, soreness, swelling and other discomfort caused by cervical spine, lumbar disc herniation, periapical, lumbar strain, knee, joint, heel pain, sciatica, synovitis, muscle pain, bruises and sprains, gout, etc. For closed soft tissue only.

Contraindications: Pregnant women are prohibited, open wounds are prohibited.

Attention: 1 This product is not a substitute for medication.

2 Children should use under adult supervision.

3 This product is prohibited when its properties change.

4 Use with caution for allergies. This product is a Chinese herbal concoction which is safe and without side effects.