Arctic Massage Oil With Ginger and Himalayan Salt 60ml

3.000 KD



Arctic Massage Oil With Ginger and Himalayan Salt Ocean Breeze Scent 60ml| Haplos |Essential oils

Main Benefits : Relief from body aches and pains, Improves sleep and provides comfort, Improves blood circulation on muscles and deep tissue, Soothes nasal passage and unclogs nose, Reduce stomach pain and muscle contractions, Relief from arthritis, gout and inflammations,

Makes breathing easier, Refreshes the body and provides warmth, Relief from dysmenorrhea, Helps with insect bites and minor irritations, Makes skin supple and smooth, With aromatherapeutic benefits Works well with Steam Inhalation Machine (Suob) Himalayan Salt – the purest sea salt in the world has anti-inflammatory properties that heals and soothes the skin and provide calming sensation. It helps with improving respiratory conditions, improves sleep quality and relaxes muscles for over-all comfort. Ginger Oil –

has been proven to provide healing benefits for a wide array of illnesses and is a strong antioxidant and anti-inflammation medicine. It gives a warming sensation and helps with proper blood circulation. It is has anti-nausea, analgesic and stimulating properties. Also reduces symptoms of respiratory ailments. Virgin Coconut Oil – using cold-pressed, virgin coconut oil on the body improves blood circulation, lubricates joints and bones, improve sleep and makes the skin supple and moisturized. Direction for use: Apply generous amount on affected body parts. Massage gently but thoroughly. Can also be used for aromatherapy and quick relief from clogged nose and similar conditions.