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Argussy Cracked Heel Cream 50g

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Cracked Heel Cream Argussy 50g. Newly improved formula (green) 50g.

Cracked Heel Cream Argussy – 50 g (Export Product) Yoko Cracked Heel Cream Argussy (New improved formula) Skin care cream on the heels. Helps maintain moisture and nourish the skin to prevent cracked heels. make the skin soft Suitable for dry heel skin. Let you reveal the skin of your heels with confidence. Can be used on other dry spots such as elbows, ankles or knees, etc.

Vitamin E and DT – Panthenol promotes deep skin cell regeneration, heals cracks and abrasions. Salicylic acid helps reduce inflammation and makes the skin soft. How to use: Apply the cream 2-3 times daily and before bedtime. To see results, apply the cream regularly to nourish the heels. And dry and cracked skin #yoko #siamyoko #Crackedheel #Argussy #yokocream #cream #Yoko #Cracked Feet Cream #Cracked Feet #Cracked Feet #Black Elbow Cream #Foot Cream #Foot Cream #Matte Feet #Heel Cream