cardenal Organic Biotin Repairing Hair Mask – 500ml

17.250 KD

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  • Description:

    An organic biotin hair mask that is used to deeply moisturizes and rejuvenate hair
    Biotin is the necessary nutrition for hair, by stimulating the scalp, and moisturising the hair and is effective in repairing the hair core, replenishing nutrients, restoring vitality, and making it smooth and shiny.

    – Improves hair strength
    – Moisturizes hair and keeps the hair scalp healthy
    – Nourishes and strengthens hair follicles
    – Protects the hair from heat damage

    How to use:
    – After wetting your hair, apply a suitable amount of hair mask evenly on the hair
    – Repeat spraying water and massaging the hair to accelerate absorption
    – Leave for 5 minutes
    – Wash off with warm water