Carotone Brightening Oil 65ml

2.500 KD

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carotone collagen brightening oil serum formula richin b-carotene to lighten your skin. provides protection against uv and sun rays. rich in collagen for a younger skin. CaroTone Brightening Oil 2.2oz )

Ingredients :propylene, glycol, carrot, extracts, collagen, aqua, sodium metabisufite, hydroguinone 2%, glycerine, kojic acid, UVA, UVB, fragrance.Size : 65ml / 2.2 oz Made in Cote d’lvoire

How to use Carotone Brightening Oil :
  1. After the bath, dispense the body oil serum into the palm.
  2. Apply it to damp or dry skin as needed.
  3. Massage it over the entire body until completely absorbed for better results.
  4. Use it twice a daily along with the CAROTONE  soap .
What does Carotone oil do to the skin?
Carotone Skin Lightening Oil is rich in Vitamin A, which helps to moisturises your skin and frees it from any impurities and black spots. It also lightening your skin complexion, as it is designed to bring out a toned complexion, given you a brighter, younger skin.
Does Carotone clear pimples?
Carotone Black Spot Corrector Cream (BSC) is commonly used to clear stubborn dark spots, pimples marks, sunburns, eczema, freckles, acne scars, age spots, wrinkles and blemishes.