Covercoco London Luxury Diamond Ampule Face Serum – 30ml

3.750 KD

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  • Pores will be minimized.
  • It will remove dark spots.
  • An extra oily feeling or skin
  • Will eliminate excess dryness
  • It will remove acne and the holes.
  • The priest provides the necessary nutrients to the skin
  • The luxury diamond ampoule helps the skin on your face by refining lexture and fresh clean skin. Enjoy it after your treatment or anytime you want fresh clean feeling skin. Luxury Diamond Ampoule give intensive care to face Skin bright and clear looking skin. Luxury Diamond Ampoule is skin treatment effect give smooth skin.
    • Pores remove within 3 days
    • Helps to brighten the skin
    • Remove the wrinkles
    • Helps to glowing/soft the skin
    • Specializes in skin aesthetics
    • Smooth the rough skin giving silky glowing skin
    • Give elasticity from inner for silky skin
  • 30 ML