DR.RASHEL Black Charcoal body Hair Removal Cream

2.750 KD

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DR.RASHEL 110ml Silky Touch Legs Underarms Bikini Line Black Charcoal Depilatory body Hair Removal Cream

LEGS UNDERARMS & BIKINI LINE SILKY TOUCH Milk & Black Charcoal Hair Removal Cream Smooth Skin Lasts Days Longer Than Shaving

Apply Directly To The Skin Using A Skin Scraping For That. The Individual Must Be Free
The Cream And Plentiful Enough To Cover The Entire Hair, You Must Not Forget Cream On The Skin.
Leave The Cream For Five Minutes Is Measured Accurately, And The Small Space Is Chosen Using A New Rubber
Skim If The Hair Is Removed Easily, Removed The Remaining Cream And Then Rinse. Well With Water And Drying.
Cream  And If Required Can Be Left Longer, But The Entire Process Must Not Take More Than Ten Minutes.
Examines Spent Depends On The Density Of The Hair.