MIGE Black Caviar hair mask 800 ML

8.500 KD



Sulfate-free hair mask after keratin, mige black caviar, produced in Italy, contains caviar essence for keratinized hair, relieves scalp itching, removes hair fat, prevents hair loss, and restores hair texture for longer durability and longevity of keratinized hair.

Review: black caviar sulfate-free hair mask

Sulfate-free black caviar mask protects the outer and inner layer of hair.

This product always keeps the scalp clean and makes the hair soft and supple. It also prevents hair from drying and shedding, and restores the cells and pores of the skin and hair. This hair mask has long lasting shine. This famous brand uses vitamin A and is one of the most popular products in the Iranian market.

Properties of free sulfate black caviar mask

One of the good properties of this product is repairing, straightening and strengthening hair. I recommend this product for people who want a hair mask free of any harmful substances. It should be noted that this product is without salt. It also prevents curly and broken hair.

So far, no specific side effects have been recorded from this product.

Sulfate-free black caviar mask is another best-selling product in Zicoshop, which is rare in many stores today, but Zico has prepared it according to the needs of the public.

  • It has a volume of 800 ml
  • It has unique quality and characteristics
  • For keratinized hair
  • Unique softness and softness for your hair
  • Made with advanced formulation in Italy