EELHOE Dark Lip Care Bleaching Cream 30 gm

3.500 KD

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Lip Cream for Dry Lips lip lightening for dark lips Anti Cracking Lips Plumper,Long Lasting Moisturizing Lip Care Cream, Nourishes Lips, Reduces Chapped Dry Lips, Repairs Cracks

  • ✼Moisturizing Ingredients: Restore your lips to their natural state with our natural formula that infuses moisturizing essence, cocoa butter, and vitamin E oil. It is safe and gentle for preventing chapped lips.
  • ✼Lip Moisturizer: This lip balm contains a gentle formula that nourishes lips and protects them from dryness, giving them a softer and fuller appearance.
  • ✼Deeply Nourish: This lip crea hydrates your lips with organic vitamin E and repairs your lip skin. It also improves dull skin and nourishes it for a glowing skin tone.
  • ✼Long-lasting and Portable: With a wide application, this lip bal nourishes your lips anytime. It is long-lasting and portable, and it works for most skin types. You can have smooth and soft lips with this lip balm.
  • ✼Easy to Apply Lip Bal : This lip moisturizer glides on smoothly and gives your lips a soft and refreshing feel. It nourishes and protects your lips from dryness and chapping without any greasy sensation.