Eelhoe Pumpkin Seed Oil 60 ml original

3.500 KD

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Eelhoe Pumpkin Seed Oil Moisturizes and Repairs Hair Roots Firms and Firms Hair Softens and Strengthens Hair Care Essence Oil

1.Hair Growth Oil: Moisturizes and smoothes dry and damaged hair, Pumpkin Hair Oil enhances hair growth and thickness, nourishes the scalp, and solves hair loss.
2.Lightweight Texture: Pumpkin Hair Oil is an easily absorbed lightweight oil that cleanses and nourishes hair, leaving it soft, smooth, and shiny. Its natural pumpkin extract is rich in nutritions and minerals that revitalizes hair texture and scalp health.
3.Way to use: Pumpkin Hair Oil is infused with the goodness of Pumpkin Oil, packed with vitamin E, zinc, and omega-3 fatty acids that strengthen hair and maintain a healthy scalp.
4.Skin Nourishment: Our Pumpkin Hair Oil is a rejuvenating daily skin care solution that helps repair damaged skin while providing must-have fatty acids and antioxidants to support healthy skin structure.
5.Versatile in uses: As a natural remedy for dry scalp, damaged hair growth, and frizziness, Pumpkin Hair Oil works wonders for all hair types. It revitalizes lackluster locks with nourishing elements and restores its shine and strength, leaving it smooth, silky, and healthy.
Revitalize your dry and damaged hair with our incredibly lightweight and non-greasy Hair Growth Oil. Packed with nourishing pumpkin oil, this formula not only promotes hair growth but is also beneficial to the care of skin, face, and nails. Suitable for all hair types, this oil will leave your locks looking healthy and shiny.