FIJI Face & Body Soap infused with raw coconut oil Coconut Lime 189 GM

4.000 KD

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  • Rub our Coconut Oil Infused Soap in your hands or on a loofah with warm water to trigger it’s rich lather. Use the creamy foam to cleanse the face and body thoroughly

  • For best results cleanse with warm water to open pores, and rinse with cool water to close pores

We source the cleanest of ingredients from nature’s apothecary to create our natural, raw Coconut Oil Infused Soaps. We don’t have any nasty ingredients lurking in our transparent ingredient listings and we say no to all synthetic, chemical, toxic and harsh ingredients. We are proud to be:

    • Microbead-free
    • SLS/Sulfate-free
    • Paraben/Phenoxyethanol-free
    • Silicone/Siloxane-free
    • Phthalates-free
    • PEG-free
    • And so much more!


Fiji Organic