Ginseng Pollen Paste 230 gr

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Ginseng Pollen Paste 230 gr

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Ginseng is a food that varies depending on its species and can be harvested for many years. Although its content is extremely rich in ginsenosides and gintonins, it is generally used in food supplements in a dried form. Ginseng, a favorite and indispensable product, can also be used by adding it to different drinks. This plant, which generally grows in Korea, North America, Bhutan, Eastern Siberia and similar regions, has strong antioxidant properties. With our low immune system, we can easily get sick, especially during winter months or seasonal transitions. For this reason, we need food or nutritional supplements at certain times of the year. Ginseng is an indispensable ingredient of these nutritional supplements. Since it has high levels of antioxidant properties, it can support the body against diseases. You can protect yourself against diseases during cold winter months or seasonal transitions with Ginseng Pollen Paste, which is made entirely from herbal products and also contains high nutritional values ​​of pollen.

Nutritional Supplement for your Immunity

Ginseng Pollen Paste, created with completely natural and herbal ingredients, has become the favorite of many people with its unique taste and consistency. The paste, which contains Honey as well as Pollen and Ginseng, has an extremely high nutritional value. Since pollen content is rich in potassium, calcium and minerals, it is definitely used in nutritional supplements. This paste, which you can easily consume daily, can be mixed with different foods if you wish. With its antioxidant properties, ginseng accelerates metabolism and also helps protect immunity.

Calcium and Potassium Rich Healing Source

Ginseng and Pollen paste is a source of healing with its completely natural ingredients. The paste, which contains honey as well as pollen, creates a sweet and delicious taste with honey. You can buy this paste, which is recommended not to consume more than 3 teaspoons a day, with a single click and try it immediately. When buying a nutritional supplement, you should make sure that its content is extremely natural, so you can consume Ginseng Pollen Paste with peace of mind.


It is not recommended to take more than three teaspoons a day.
Store tightly closed in a cool, dry and light-free environment.
made in turkey