Glow Perfect Cotton Candy by Glow Perfect

7.500 KD



Glow Perfect COTTON CANDY 80,000mg Hydrolized Collagen Drink

Why choose cotton candy?

Here’s a quick fact check!

Glow perfect cotton candy has a lot of benefits and profit that you can get. This collagen drink has the best anti-aging effect that will help improve your hair, nails, bones and most especially it can boost your immune system with its vitamin C in it!

It’s pamper time! With glow perfect cotton candy you can achieve multiple benefits and have a healthier lifestyle!!


help body cells to renew and repair themselves

Better sleep quality and mood

Improves joint health

Regulates stomach acid to improve digestion

Maintains cardiovascular health

Supports bones

Promotes healthy weight

Enhances detoxification

FDA Registration No : 546654758868