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Fennel Coriander Anise Tea 20 pcs Herbal Tea

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Fennel Coriander Anise Tea 20 pcs Herbal Tea

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herbal teas that have become very popular latelyInstead of ordinary classic teas, they are beverages that contain different searches and are produced from herbal products with high nutritional values. There are different types of herbal teas in the market, which are preferred to consume a hot, delicious product with different vitamin mineral fiber values. For this purpose, mindivan, which is producing for this purpose, develops different herbal tea contents as a result of long, detailed and meticulous researches with its professional and experienced team, which are experts in their fields, with state-of-the-art devices in its own production facilities. Mindivan, which produces the most natural pure and organic herbal tea, continues to serve through its online sales site with dozens of different products. No additives, chemical preservatives or flavoring products are used in the content of the products produced with high quality principles. It is one of these product types and contains 3 different valuable food sources.Fennel Coriander anise tea is prepared in an easy and practical way with sachet form. This product, which has received full marks by its users, is extremely reliable because its content is completely organic and natural. This tea, which contains anise and coriander, which is rich in vitamin and mineral values, and at the same time, the fennel plant is preferred, is among the herbal teas that will be your favorite with its unique taste and wonderful smell.

Natural Source of Antioxidants

Herbal teas produced by mindivan contain different plant fruits and nutrients. Fennel, coriander, anise tea , chamomile tea, pomegranate tea, gojiberry tea, wormwood herb tea, power pomegranate tea, artichoke tea, tropical forest fruit tea, night tea , are sold with the best price guarantee of each other. These organic teas, which are produced entirely in their own production facilities compared to other herbal teas on the market, and where the most natural and purest forms of herbal steels are used, will be your favorite.

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You can buy herbal teas offered for sale with different opportunities and the best prices on the online sales site with a single click. Herbal teas are suitable for your daily consumption with their unique taste and wonderful aromas.


1 cup of boiling hot water, 1 straining tea bag
It is drunk 3 meals a day after waiting for 3-5 minutes.
Store in a cool and dry place, Consume before expiry date.