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Horse Oil Repair Hand Cream

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Horse Oil Repair Hand Cream Anti-Drying Anti-Aging Whitening Moisturizing Hand Cream 30g


Type:Hands Cream


original Thailand

Package Included:

1X Hands Cream


Because of its natural ingredients, this incredible cream penetrates the skin completely, removes age spots, sun, reduces dryness, makes your young hands see again, the solution you were looking for to rejuvenate your hands at your fingertips.

The base of the powerful formula of this cream comes from horse oil, plants and fruits from China, acts quickly reducing spots, wrinkles, recover the softness and youth of your hands, so it is safe, reliable and without side effects .

It helps replenish the moisture that the skin needs, helping to improve dry skin, leaving your hands soft, clean and shiny.



1. Clean your hands and skin.

2. Tap the knuckles to promote blood circulation.

3. Pull your hands in the opposite direction and release your hands.

4. Press the mouth to relieve hand pressure.

5. Massage the back to improve the relaxation of your hands.

6. Apply hand cream to absorb nutrients evenly.