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infinite K-Pads Negative Ion (Napkin and Pantyliner)

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Active Oxygen

Active Oxygen is a natural wonder that can be found in the sun’s UV rays or through plant photosynthesis. Scientists claim that active oxygen helps sterilize and purify our surroundings. As part of the K-Pad sanitary napkin, it eliminates and kills bacteria-causing odor. Does your regular sanitary pad have this? Only K-Pads does.

Negative Ion or Anion

There have been many studies on negative ions or anions. This another natural wonder can be commonly and abundantly found in the forests or beaches. Negative ions are oxygen atoms with extra-negatively-charged electrons, invisible molecules abundant in nature, especially around waterfalls, sea, green mountains, and forests, after a storm. Anions are actually called the vitamins in the air. This invisible element is what actually helps makes us feel refreshed, relaxed, and recharged when we are at the beach or having a walk in the forests. Research says that the abundance of anion provides a lot of benefits to different body organs. Some of these are:

  • Purifies blood by changing acidic blood to a basic level

  • Improves allergic reactions

  • Reduces blood sugar levels

  • Improves lung functions

  • Natural anti-inflammatory effect

  • Natural anti-depressant

  • Strengthens the immune system

  • Far-IR

    Far infrared or Far-IR initiates the body to produce heat. Body heat promotes relaxation, better sleep, and improves blood flow. Far infrared also improves detoxification, cleansing, and rapid wound healing. Incorporate this on your sanitary pad and it helps regulate and lessen heavy periods. Lastly, does your regular sanitary pad have this? Only K-Pads does.

    Combine all these three features in K-Pads Sanitary Napkin and the following are the benefits that one can get in using this wonderful product.

    • Helps increase energy

    • Enhances immunity

    • Regulates and lessens heavy periods

    • Balances hormones and mood

    • Kills bacteria-causing odor

    • Helps prevent irritation and bad odor

    • Helps accelerate oxygen circulation in the private part.

    • Helps release negative ions up to 6100/cm3

    • It can absorb and hold liquid up to 120-150 ml

    • 5 times more absorbent than regular napkins