Irish Spring Deep Action Scrub Bar Soap – pack Of 3

3.500 KD

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Irish Springs Deep Action Scrub Bar Soap (Pack Of 3) contains Celtic Rock Salt. It is for men to give exfoliating and deep action scrub that transforms you from rough to ready. Deep Action Bar keeps you fresh and clean with 12-hour deodorant protection. Its exhilarating clean scent and rich lather will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated.


Key Features:

  • It contains Celtic Rock Salt
  • Exhilarating and Deep Action
  • Fresh and Clean

How To Use

  • Make your body dripping wet with water
  • Apply Irish Spring Deep Action Scrub Bar Soap (Pack Of 3) on your body
  • Massage it with the help of a body sponge or a loofah
  • Rinse your body with water
  • Ingredients

    Soap (Sodium Tallowate and/or Sodium PalmateSodium Cocoate and/or Sodium Palm Kernelate)WaterGlycerin (Skin Conditioner)FragranceSodium ChlorideHydrogenated Tallow AcidCoconut AcidJojoba OilPentasodium PentetateTitanium DioxideUltramarinesIron Oxides